Globecraft & Piccolo Ruby red earrings

Morning everyone, it is Tuesday which means it is my turn to show you what I have been creating for Globecraft & Piccolo
One of my favorite sets Is
It is such a versatile set, and I do love those bows ! 
I am not a jewelry maker…in fact I have never made any, but to me those bows are screaming out to be made into earrings. 
I had some old broken up earrings and decided to use a little gem spacer with these. 
What do you think…
I instantly knew I had to use Ruby red slippers embossing enamel powder, and i am so glad I was right. 
This was such a simple and fun project and ideal if you are looking for some different earrings….and with all the different colours of embossing enamel just think how many different pairs you could have ! 
Items used- 
Upcycled Gem spacers 
Don’t forget to head on over to the blog to see the rest of the teams beautiful projects. 
Happy Crafting 

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