Globecraft & Piccolo Enamel Chart

Morning lovelies 
Now we all love Embossing Enamels don’t we…I know for me the first time seeing that magical moment the powder turns to a lovely molten enamel I was hooked. 
But the one thing with them is how different they can look once melted, I mean we all know Gold is Gold, but now there is so many beautiful colours and mixes and with the fantastic enamels from Globecraft & Piccolo there tends to be glitters & a couple of different colours…which you cannot really see until they are melted. 
So i can have a quick reference of what the enamels look like once melted I decided to make a colour chart, which is below and you can use it if you wish 🙂 
I have left some spare circles so you can add enamels too…you could even use it for your 3D Enamel Gels 🙂 

The circles are the right size for the applicator of your Enamel and Embossing powder. 

Here is my chart filled in, and i am able to also see what enamels i have when ordering 🙂 

Here is the blank chart, please feel free to save it and use. 

Happy Crafting 

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