Notecard set with Lil’inker Designs

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all well ? I haven’t been online much over the last week so i am sorry for not visiting as much as I normally do. The weather has been very cold here, but also so pretty so i have been enjoying lots of family time and in general just relaxing and i can tell you it has been great. 
And of course I had to get in some crafting 🙂 
One of the companies I love is Lil’inker Designs, they aren’t very easy to get here in the uk and i can tell you I have a HUGE long wish list of there goodies. I highly encourage you too stop by (click on the name above and it will take you straight to the shop) if you haven’t…be warned though you will want to spend lots and lots of £££££.
Anyway I wanted to create a set of note cards to send to a friend and wanted to do them tone on tone.  I reached for a really fab little stamp set from Lil’Inker called Darling Diamonds (link is below in the supply list). It coordinates with a couple of their dies but I wanted to do a card die free….it wasn’t easy I can tell you ! 
The set comes with 8 little diamond shaped stamps each with a different design on them as you can see below. And how awesome are those sentiments ? I really have a thing for scripty single words. 
I decided on a pattern that I was going to do and then decided to do it on a different part of each note card. I went with a mix of colours rather than doing all one colour. 
I used Archival ink pads for these as they matched up best with the card stock I wanted to use. 
Each note card is 4×5 inches. I used the woodgrain, solid and open diamonds on this one…that woodgrain is awesome.
I tried to mix up the diamonds that I used. When I made the cards the green one above was my favorite but now looking i think i prefer the orange. For this one I made sure I measured the midway point of the card and stamped my middle line just above it. I thought this card would be a good one too send to cheer someone up 🙂

Did you really think I could go without using sequins ? I decided to add sequins to a couple of them just to give them a little bit of sparkle. I think when i make another set I am going to leave them off the purple card. 
This card using the little “hi” diamond which i think is just too cute, I am going to make envelopes for these and use that stamp on the back of them.
One of the things i love about this stamp set is you can go girly like this card, or create a masculine card…not many stamp sets allow you to do that. I LOVE the colour of this card.
For some reason the sentiment hasn’t photographed right on this one ! I might do this card again but in dark orange and gold and have a slight Moroccan theme too it. 
Here is some pictures of them together. How pretty does the tone on tone look ?

I had so much fun creating this and will be creating some more to send out to some friends. I really look forward to playing around more with this stamp set too. It is one of those sets that as you are using it lots of ideas keep popping up. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the note cards. If you have not tried tone on tone stamping I highly encourage you to, it is fun and so easy and really effective. 
I have listed my supplies below. 
Have a great day and happy crafting 

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