Honey Bee Stamps Quick and Easy Masculine Card

The one card I hear lots of crafters say they struggle with is Masculine cards, and I have to admit I used to.

But they don’t have to be hard, in the below video I show that looking at smaller accents stamps you can create a quick and easy masculine card.

I hope you enjoyed the video, this card really is so easy to create that I have created a batch of them with different sentiments for different occasions so I have plenty of masculine cards ready to go.

Thank you for stopping by and remember if you create anything with Honey Bee Products to share with us on Social Media.

Have an awesome day and happy crafting

6 thoughts on “Honey Bee Stamps Quick and Easy Masculine Card

  1. Great ideas to use the smaller stamps to create a background! Awesome and easy to mass produce. I might do exactly this on my next cards!


    1. Thanks so much Greta I’m glad you liked it. I will go check out your card now 🙂
      I have tried to do voice overs but sadly my anxiety kicks in and it ends up a total mess….but I am working on it 🙂


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