Honey Bee Stamps Ways With Washi Pt 2

Hey lovelies, and welcome to another video for Honey Bee Stamps and the second video in my Ways With Washi Series.

I really didn’t want this series to just be about card making so I decided to give a little bit of up cycling ago and with the help of some lolly sticks and an old clip jar I have a pot stand/coaster and a small vase, both can be given as a gift, or you can use it to brighten up a corner of your home.

This is a SUPER easy project that can be changed to suit you.

I went for a total “rustic” look and wanted a staggered look to the coaster, but you can do this as neat as you want…it is totally unto you 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video, my camera wasn’t playing nice this day and kept cutting out on me but I hope I still got enough for you to enjoy it.

I really hope you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to share any of your projects with us on Social Media.

Have a fantastic day and happy crafting

7 thoughts on “Honey Bee Stamps Ways With Washi Pt 2

    1. Thanks so much Ruth, Yeah I have done this with some jam jars too and have tea lights in them. I am a sucker for not wanting to throw jars away and always try and reuse them in some way xxx


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