Simon Saturday – Chihuahua Keyring

I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying STAMPtember ?

I wanted to create something a bit different this week, it was one of those ideas that popped into my head at 3am and I had to quickly jot it down otherwise I knew I would forget (yep my memory is that awful).

I love the Picture Book dies that Simon has been releasing and got the Chihuahua one from STAMPtember, I have seen SO many fantastic creations using these dies but really wanted to use it for something other than a card.

I have a bundle of felt in my craft room so I decided to try making a keyring, below I talk through how i did it and also some things I would do differently if i made these again. I am creating these using a no sew method as I know a few of my friends struggle with sewing, but you could easily sew them instead, it really is up to you.

For the keyring you will need some felt, a spilt ring, the die, some good adhesive I am using Ranger Multi Medium Matte & my hot glue gun but there is some really good fabric/felt adhesives out there and I will link to some in the supplies list below.

Choose what colour you want the main part of the keyring to be and fold that piece of felt in half and lay the die against it as shown below.

Holding the die firmly cut around the die, do not cut the bottom area and you want to leave a border. This part does not have to be perfect at all as you can tidy it up later.

Once done you should be left with something like the picture below.

Now using your die, die cut the pieces out of felt. Fold your main piece in half and arrange the die cut pieces onto it, this will make it easier when you adhere them.

Now one piece at a time you want to adhere your pieces.

Tips for this is don’t go OTT with the glue, I used Hot glue for the larger pieces as if any of this spills out etc it is easy to remove. For the smaller pieces I used Matte Medium, I would not use this again and would use a felt adhesive instead. Also use some tweezers and a pokey tool to position your pieces.

Whilst waiting for the pieces to dry trim a narrow strip for your split ring and thread through and glue the ends together as shown below, I used hot glue for this but honestly i would probably stitch this.

Once everything is fully dry take your split ring piece and adhere it to the inside of your main piece, again I used hot glue for this.

I now used hot glue and run a thin line around most of the piece on the inside edge, leave a small area unglued. I then took just a small piece of stuffing and using my pokey tool pushed it into the inside of the keyring, this bit can be skipped as it really is only a small amount of adding but i liked having that slight plushy feel to it. Once done use your glue gun and seal up the last bit.

Once everything is dry take your scissors and neaten up the edges if you need to.

I also took some of Simons Rose Apple Dye Ink on a cotton bud and added some colour to his cheeks.

As you can see I also made him a little girlfriend.

These really were fun to make and as I said you could easily stitch them instead of using adhesive but i wanted to show you can create things like this without sewing.

I used cheap felt and honestly my advice is not too, I have run out of Simon Says Stamp Felt in the colours I needed and using that better felt really does make a lot of difference so I would definitely use better felt.

The little bow I created using a scrap of ribbon I had but you could use anything for this, even some sequins 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today’s Simon Saturday. How are you finding STAMPtember ? have you brought lots of goodies or are you holding out for one of the exclusives ? Let me know in the comments below.

Our Challenge on the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge this week is using STAMPtember products and my teamies have created some AMAZING projects so if you can check it out. The theme is Stamp it and you could win $50 to spend at Simon so why not enter the challenge too.


Thank you so much for stopping by.

I hope you have an awesome day, happy crafting.

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