Simon Saturday Foiling With Stencils & A Mini Review- Thermoweb Deco Foil Transfer Gel.

Hey guys it is time for another Simon Saturday.


Today I am doing something slightly different because I decided to do a mini review of Thermoweb Deco Foil Transfer Gel whilst I was showing you what I created.


Before I start I wanted to say I am not being paid in anyway for this review, I purchased the Transfer Gel. This was purely for me to share my thoughts and findings on this product.


Now I am by no means AT ALL a foiling expert, honestly I tend to stay away from it as I don’t own the correct printer and I was wary of the gel. I think like a few crafter’s out there I am on a budget so do have to be careful what I spend my money on and over the years have purchased various craft items which have not lived up to the hype, or just been down right awful.

I did after some playing around last year with some foils a friend gave me find out you can foil using certain adhesives. The video was part of my Festive Card Series and can be found here.

Whilst it was a nice effect it didn’t give the “clean” look I have seen people get who do have the right equipment. So after that I shoved my foils into a drawer and didn’t bother with them….until I saw about this. I decided to wait around for a while and see what people thought of it, whilst £10/$10 isn’t expensive the way I look at it is, if it is a rubbish product that £10/$10 could have purchased me a stamp or die set….see how my brain works.

Anyway I was recently placing an order with Simon Says Stamp and saw it was in stock and decided to get some after hearing some good things. I have used it along with the Damask Stencil from the STAMPtember release because a few people had asked for some more ideas for this stencil.

All the card I used was Neenah Solar White and I trimmed all the pieces down to just smaller than A2.

I had no real plan with this and didn’t look up any tutorials etc I just went what it said on the jar.

First impressions were the jar was VERY full which is nice because you are getting plenty of product for your money. The texture is smooth and slightly like Ranger Multi Medium.

I taped my stencil down and used a plastic spatular to spread a nice even coat over the stencil, making sure to scrap off any excess back into the jar. I used this method for 2 of the panels, making sure to wipe any excess product off the edges of the Neenah.

For curiosity sake I decided to use a different spatular for the last piece and used my old faithful metal spatular, I applied a slightly thicker layer with this but cleaned it all up the same.

The jar tells you to wait an hour or until the product dries clear, I will be honest I left it for around 2-3 hours whilst I did some bits around the house.

I don’t have a foiler and just used my laminator (I shall link to the one I used below, it is very cheap) and I cut my pieces of foil to cover the card.

To foil the pieces I waited for the machine to heat up and folded a piece of copy paper in half to which I placed the piece of Neenah (one at a time) with the foil placed over it making sure the foil was facing up, The foil I used was Thermoweb and I have linked to it below.  I made sure I fed the paper into my machine folded side first and let the piece cool before removing the foil.

I have to admit I was kinda nervous peeling the foil back, but was very surprised….now the thing I did find was trying to get a decent photo is not easy !

The effect was much like that I have seen when using toner sheets or a printer.It was very nice and smooth and the gel also gives the tiniest bit of dimension which I really liked.

As you can see it was nice and clean and I was very impressed. This and the silver one below were both done using the plastic spatular and thinner coat.

Now the teal one below is the one I used the metal spatular with and slightly more gel and this wasn’t as good, it turned out quite patchy, still usable but as you can see some areas just didn’t foil.

Despite the above i still decided to use it and used Simon’s Painted thanks die along with a Vellum heart. With the thicker coat it almost look slightly like embossing powder.

For the other two pieces I used the Together stamp set from the STAMPtember release. I was really happy with these, even hubby seemed impressed with how the foiling had turned out.

So was I happy with the gel….very, I actually kicked myself for not buying it sooner, it gave a beautiful effect and was very easy to work with.

It cleaned off everything well and I wasn’t left with a gunky stencil. It surprised me that it didn’t seem to work as as well with the other spatular but I will play around some more and see if this was more down to user error.

I also like that it I didn’t feel rushed using it, something products start to dry quickly and this didn’t feel like one of them.

I am going to use it with the more delicate stencils Simon does, as well as with some stamps so watch this space !

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and mini review…If you would like to see more in-depth reviews then just let me know 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day and happy crafting.


7 thoughts on “Simon Saturday Foiling With Stencils & A Mini Review- Thermoweb Deco Foil Transfer Gel.

  1. Wow !! That’s look pretty much like the toner printing foiling, you’re right. I’m exactly like you (about the budget and buying some stuff….. well, you know…) so I’m glad I see I can trust you on that product. I’m gonna give it a try… thanks for it ! Love from France, Marjorie


  2. I fell in love with foil using self-adhesive fun foam–so super easy & gorgeous results. However, there seem to always be some lines that don’t have the adhesive & then the foiling isn’t perfect. I need to not be so cheap & just throw that part away–it is cheap stuff, after all. Anyway, I loved some videos using a laminator & finally bought a cheap one. My first attempts were not perfect & so by the time my gel arrived I was on to other things. You’ve made me realize it’s time to open that jar & give it a go! Thanks for the review, Tracy–beautifully classy cards!


    1. Thanks so much Greta. Yes I know what you mean I gave that ago before. I love the look of foiling but it can be pricey which is why I’m so glad this Gel worked so well xx


  3. Super review Tracy! I’ve stay away from foiling because I don’t have the right printer and like you I have tried things and they’ve been disappointing, so this was a lovely review and the results were really nice. I have a metal and plastic spatula, and so it’s food for thought if you found the plastic one gave better results because it put on a thinner layer. Beautiful cards and lovely shine! Always enjoy a good review, so thank you. Xx


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