2017 and some news

Hey lovelies, I cannot believe that today is the last day of 2017 ! this year has gone insanely fast and I am hoping next year goes a bit slower.

I try and do a year review type thing whenever I can but don’t think I have done one for the last couple of years.

Before I get onto anything the main thing i want to say is THANK YOU ! You guys have been amazing, I have made some new friends this year and your comments have lifted me up so many times and I really am very lucky to have such kind and creative friends


The news……

My design team terms have come to an end on Honey Bee Stamps and A Blog Named Hero and I won’t be staying on for another term with them.

Honey Bee Have decided to downsize their team which I totally understand and I am SO grateful to Melissa & team for having me on board this last 6 months, I have made some life long friends and will always be a huge Honey Bee fan.

A Blog Named Hero has been great and its been an honour to be on a team with the ladies there, but I decided that I wouldn’t reapply to be on the team for the next term.

They do have some huge news that they are now the official challenge blog for Hero Arts and they are currently having a design team call, so make sure you check that out.

I will still be part of the Simon Says Stamp team and Studio Katia Team and I am SO excited for 2018 with both of them so make sure you stay tuned !



The other day someone on my Friends list asked the question how would you describe 2017 and for me its been a very up and down year, I have had some amazing oppertunities but it has also had some awful moments personal wise. I am a private person so don’t tend to talk about my personal life online, I was actually told this year by someone that they thought I was lying about who I am because I am so private and don’t speak on my YouTube videos, this really upset me at the time and honestly made me question about stepping away from online life altogether. But a lot of my friends understand why I am private and why I don’t speak on my videos and gave me a talking to and I am so grateful for that.

So 2017 has been the most rollercoaster year of my life so far, whilst exciting at times I am hoping that 2018 is a more steady and calm year.


Anyway onto some happy stuff….Simon Saturday this was an idea that came to me during one of my many insomniac moments and stuck around for a while before I actually made it happen, I really didn’t think it would work and honestly was slightly scared.

I started it not long after I took the leap of leaving the comfort of my blogger blog and designed this blog but I knew if i didn’t at least try it I would kick myself for it. I have to say I couldn’t have done it without the support of Heidi at Simon Says Stamp who does send me goodies to play with to then share with you. But I also couldn’t do it without you guys and for that I am so very grateful. I do have a ideas for Simon Saturday going forward and plan to do lots more tutorials and videos and giveaways.


I know a few bloggers are sharing their favourite projects of the year but I thought I’d do something different and share what my top crafty buys have been from this year 🙂

I will link to all the products at the end of the post if you are interested in them.



Spellbinders Platinum Die cutting Machine

Spellbinders PLATINUM 6 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine PE-100 Preview Image

Ok I have to confess I don’t know where I go wrong with die cutting machines but i seem to break them, or they just stop cutting very quickly, My longest machine has lasted me a year ! and that was my trusted cuttlebug (which is still working well) but this year I decided to treat myself to the Spellbinders Platinum and honestly i am so glad i did ! you can feel what a sturdy machine it is and it cuts amazing ! I have had it for around 8 months now and even though i REALLY need new plates I have never had to shim or anything with it.

I have not found a die it won’t cut and it even cuts dies that previous machines wouldn’t. It is slightly pricey but I would still recommend it. It does come in a 6″ version or a larger version (I will link to both) I have the 6″ and I am currently saving for the larger version.

Deco Foil Transfer Gel.

Image result for deco foil transfer gel

I was so wary of this stuff and put off buying it for ages, like a lot of people I don’t own a laser printer but love the look of foiling. I honestly kick myself for not buying this sooner because i love it.

Main reasons i love it are that it really is so easy to use and gives a great effect and also cleans off stencils etc so easily.

This is something i recommend every crafter to have in their craft room and really wish I purchased it sooner.


Sculaner Colored Pencil Case

You may have guessed by now that I love my coloured pencils, but I do struggle with storage and needed to find something so much better than the tins they come in. So good old Amazon came up trumps with this pencil case. It has 168 slots so lots of room to fit a full set of pencils with plenty of room for extras.

It comes in 7 colours and honestly is very well made, the zips are nice and sturdy and the whole case itself just feels nice and well made. It has a removable strap and best of all you can arrange your pencils by colour families in the different case areas and if you are like me and have limited space it takes up a very small area. Price point wise it is also very good £18 for how well it is made is a bargain and i really do recommend this.


Tim Holtz Guillotine


I love guillotines as opposed to paper trimmers, and had a huge tonic one for many years but this year i spotted this and decided to give it a try and it is brilliant. Its lovely to use and I have arthritis in my hands so do struggle with trimmers etc at times but they have got the handle on this spot on. My only wish is that they did a larger one for bigger card stock.

But if you are looking for a guillotine/trimmer to have on your desk and for small pieces I cannot recommend this enough.


Distress Oxide Inks


Tim Holtz Distress OXIDE INK PAD SET OF 12 Ranger Ranger102 Preview Image

I always get excited around the CHA time (yep its nearly here again !!) especially when I know Tim is going to be bringing us something new, and whilst i was excited to see the oxides part of me was wondering if i would use them etc so i waited for a bit before ordering just a couple which then sat on my desk for ages after a not very successful first play with them.

Then for one of my Simon Says Stamp projects i decided to give them another go and i am so glad i did because i instantly loved them. They are SO different to the original Distress Inks and I love them for that because it means with this and the original Distress Inks there is many possibilities. The main things i love about them is their smoothness and they blend like butter ! and also how you can layer them !

If you are sitting on the fence about this then I’d suggest trying them and play around with them because they are so worth it.


I really struggled to narrow this list down, this year I have been ALOT more selective about what I buy rather than just buying every new release or new gadget and honestly its been so much better and is something i will continue to do next year as this year I haven’t purchased a single craft item i have been disappointed with.



2018 is going to start off a busy one for us as I am moving craft rooms and completely changing all my furniture and storage as well as decorating….well hubs will decorate i will just direct 🙂

I know one of my struggles this year has been my room and also my confidence, it really did take a huge nosedive in 2017 and that is something i am working on changing.

I am looking forward to lots more colouring next year and also trying new techniques.

I am also going to be visiting you guys more, sending more happy mail and in general being a lot more positive. I know 2017 wasn’t a good year for a lot of my friends so most of all I hope 2018 is the year for you all.


So if stayed to the end of this long post…thank you.

I want to wish you all a very happy 2018 and hope it is a creative and happy year for you all and i cannot wait to see what it holds for all of us.

Happy Crafting





11 thoughts on “2017 and some news

  1. I’m so happy to have “met” you this year, Tracy. I had no idea it was a difficult year for you & I truly hope 2018 brings you peace & joy. There’s lots of inspiration on-line, but I’ve actually tried some of what you’ve shown us & I thank you. In fact, I did open my transfer gel yesterday & will post the card soon–yah! I never have had the energy to do a favorite cards post–too many to go through & I have a terrible time picking favorites–my own or in a gallery. Thought of doing my favorite things, but didn’t get that done either–surprise, surprise–haha! Funny, though–I switched to the Platinum 6 a few months ago when I saw it for a big discount & I do like it. I’ve had the Tonic trimmer over a year & love not having to buy replacement blades. I agree–really could use a bigger version. I also broke down & got some of the DO ink pads using 50-60% off coupons & next year I need to really play with them as I do love ink blending. Beautiful pencil holder–if only I could actually color I could justify getting good pencils to put in a case like that–haha! It is their loss (HB & ABNH) while SSS & Katia are lucky to have you! You’re so sweet to do the Simon Saturdays & I’m looking forward to what you have for us in 2018! Have fun with the reorganizing & redecorating! I really must take the time to purge my huge crafty stash–can’t even remember what I have & I know it’s effecting my creativity–as is my disaster of a craft table. I feel overwhelmed, so stop & just make a card since that’s what I love. Giving myself a pep talk, though–this is the year to take action. Sending hugs, Greta


  2. Tracy, I found your blog earlier in 2017. I admit to looking frequently but not commenting often. I know it is hard work creating, filming and posting so comments are greatly appreciated. I’ll try to leave you and everyone I follow more love❤️. I hope 2018 is kinder to you. Happy New Year!


    1. Annette don’t ever feel that you have to comment, I’m happy just if people read and even if only one person ever read I’d be happy.
      However your comment has made me smile so much, thank you so much and I wish you all the best in 2018. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️


  3. I did stayed to the end of this post ! And I thank you for it. I don’t own any machine and I’m thinking about the Spellbinders one because the sturdy aspect. I don’t trust plastic…. it’s an interesting list. About the rest of your topics, I’d say it’s up to you whenever you want or don’t want to share your private feelings and thoughts but, I still believe people tend to mean mean and not comprehensive, especially when they can hide themselves behind their screen, so it can be dangerous. I’m more talking about YouTube here. I think your blog’s readers might be more likely to show you support since it’s a different implication than anybody ending randomly on one of your video. I hope what I’m saying makes sense and that would excuse me English mistakes…. I wish a great New Year’s Eve ! And I hope 2018 would be nicer and smoother to you. Love from France to you and your loved ones, Marjorie


    1. Thank you so much my lovely friend ❤️ I wish all the best for you and your family in 2018 and thank you so much for your lovely comments


  4. Great post lovely Inky friend 😘 wishing you a happy and healthy and very inky new year! Stay as you are my lovely Inky friend, look forward to seeing your new creations in 2018! I’m not a new year person and will have a quiet night also! Good luck with the moving in your craft room! Hope your hubby is good at taking directions!!! 😁 lol take care lovely Inky, it’s such a pleasure having you as a crafty friend, hugs Tracy xxx


    1. Thanks so much my lovely. You have been an amazing friend ❤️ hope you enjoy the evening. We never do anything tbh and just end up falling asleep early lol
      Thank you for always being so supportive it means a lot. Lots of love and hugs xxxx


  5. Just wanted to stop by an say Happy New Year.
    I’m going to be more involved in craftyland in 2018, be more visible, be a commenter rather than a liker an a lurker lol
    2018 it’s time to get my act together an stop procrastinating an making excuses lol
    My moto for 2017 I can and I will, well I didn’t but I fully intend to try harder this coming year, so I can say I did 😁
    Keep up the good work an thanks for being such a wonderful friend and inspiration.
    Hugs Mandz


    1. Awww my lovely that’s made my day. I miss seeing all your amazing creations and really do need to have more confidence in yourself you are an amazing person and I’m so blessed to call you a friend. Love you


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